How to Tweet a GIF on Twitter

Twitter supports a GIF search engine) and a GIF keyboard strategy (Riffsy) to give rise to built-in GIF sharing to Twitter.

Why Share GIFs on Twitter?

Here are limited good justifications to share a GIF on Twitter rather of a common image or video:

  • GIFs tell stories adequately than particular images.
  • Unlike videos, GIFs obtain the juncture across silently, automatically, and rapidly before looping back to the outset.
  • GIFs assistance users express their excitements and reactions.
  • GIFs grab users’ awareness.

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Overall, GIFs are fascinating to use-excitement ly any social networking strategy supporting them.

The Twitter GIF sharing characteristic is accessible both on Twitter via a web browser and the Twitter android/IOS app.

How to Tweet a GIF on Twitter

You can expand a GIF to a tweet or tweet one by itself.

You can’t inject more than one GIF per tweet using the GIF process. Although Twitter allows up to four formal images in one tweet by utilizing the image process, the GIF function is restricted to only one.

  • Log in to Twitter.

Relate inside the tweet composer box or assign the tweet composer button (marked by a quill or paper icon) to initiate the buttons.

  • Assign the GIF icon between the photo/video camera idol and the poll icon. 

  • The GIF inquiry box opens. Assign the category of your option to see the GIFs comprised in them.

  • Similarly, accomplish a particular search by entering a keyword or term in the search area at the top.
  • Select the GIF you prefer to use, and it injects into your tweet automatically. It appears in line on your profile and the cabin feed of users who pursue you.

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Expanding a GIF doesn’t implicate your web character boundary. Appoint the “X” in the upper-right closet of the GIF to erase it if you change your sense.