Zong Call Packages! Daily Weekly and Monthly Bundles

In Pakistan, there are four mobile operator companies. Because of the busy routine, most people prefer to call, all mobile companies are offering Call packages to their customers. To facilitate the customers, these networks are offering daily, weekly and monthly Call packages according to customer requirements. These different Zong Call Packages offer different options to their users so that they can easily fulfill their requirements. So don’t worry Phone World always comes up with a solution to please its readers.

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 Phone calls are a reason for a strong relationship. To save you and your customers time you’ll need to make a call, which will get answers in real-time. Zong is offering affordable Zong Call packages and providing excellent service throughout Pakistan.

. Zong offers different types of call packages, SMS packages, and internet packages to its users across the nation. Here, I am going to discuss the call packages only.

If you are using the Zong network, don’t miss the details of Zong call packages. Below all the daily, weekly, and monthly call package details for Zong users. So, let’s move to the list without wasting much time.

Here are Zong call packages Daily Weekly Monthly and Hourly 2020. Zong also offers 3-day and postpaid Zong call packages at a reasonable price. Today we will take a look at the Zong call rates and their validity.

Here, we will just take a look at Zong call bundles. So, let’s check the details of the Zong call packages below.

 Hourly call Package:

Zong is offering boundless minutes for your wonderful time to stay connected with friends and family. Here is the Zong hourly call package.

Name                                Charges        Code          Details

Super Student Bundle      Rs. 5 + Tax *5555#        Unlimited On-net minutes + 30MB

  •  valid for next 2 hours for Zong hourly call packages
  • Code *102*1# to Check Remaining details

Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong providing the best Zong call packages to the customers. Zong offering diverse every day calling bundles for clients who need to call their loved ones for more data.

If you want to stay connected with your loved ones, you can utilize the “Zong Daily Call Package”. Different call bundles are accessible at various times of the day.

Name                                Charges      Code      Details

Daily Shaandar Offer     Rs. 8          *999#       Unlimited On-net minutes + 50MBs + 500 SMS

Daily Unlimited Offer     Rs. 12        *522#       On-net minutes + 1 MB

  •  *Code*2# to Check Remaining’s
  •  *Code*4# to unsubscribe

Zong Weekly Call Packages

You can use the weekly Zong calling package If you like to chat with your friends for a long-time duration. To satisfy the line of work needs of every Zong user Zong call packages has introduced different offers. 

Zong is usually at the lead to supply the simplest rates for weekly packages. If you’ve got a weekly internet package, you’ll be able to continuously enjoy the data bundle. here below weekly call packages.

Name                                        Charges     Code    Details

Shaandar Haftawaar Offer    Rs. 75        *7#        50 off-net, 1000 SMS, 350MB

All-in-1 Weekly                     Rs. 95       *6464*4*1#        40 off-net, 500 SMS, 500MB

Weekly Unlimited Offer       Rs. 63 “PK7” to 522          150 SMS/day

  • This bundle is valid 7 days
  • Dial *102*1# to check Remaining

Zong Monthly call Packages:

Zong also provides thirty days long-term data packages to all members. To get rid of the day-by-day subscription method, then subscribe to this package. To subscribe to these packages once and enjoy 30 with no tension.

If you are too interested in conversations with your friends and family, simply bring a list of our monthly Zong decision packages. You will find very attractive Zong call packages.

Name                   Charges     Code        Details

Supreme Offer    Rs. 750    *3030#      300 off-net, 3000 SMS, 3000MB

Monthly Unlimited Offer  Rs. 255 “PK30” to 522     500 SMS/day

Shandaar Mahana Offer    Rs. 300    *1000#       100 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1000MB

All-in-1 Monthly 500 Rs. 500 *6464*4*2#    150 off-net, 1500MB, 1500 SMS

 Postpaid Call Packages for Zong:

 Zong also offering a variety of cheap calling packages for postpaid users. These are the details of the packages.

Name Monthly Line Rent     Minutes                           Other   Details

Z300 Rs. 300+tax 500           100 off-net,                                500 SMS, 1000MB

Z500 Rs. 500+tax 1500         250 off-net,                             1000 SMS, 2000MB

Z900 Rs. 900+tax                 Unlimited 500 off-net,                     2000 SMS, 4000MB

Z1500 Rs. 1500+tax           Unlimited 800 off-net,                 4000 SMS, 8000MB

Z3000 Rs. 3000+tax            Unlimited 1200 off-net,               5000 SMS, 25600MB

  • Security deposit is 1000, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, respectively
  • Code *102*1# to check Remaining’s

Terms and Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions are applied on Zong bundles.
  • Enjoy Zong call packages
  •  For Balance checking Dial *222# and For any additional assistant, you can call on 222.
  • Thus, a Withholding tax of 12.5% applies on recharge/bill
  •  Use SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  •  can report by texting Sender’s Number to 9000 –PTA for all Unwanted and unreasonable messages.

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