Zong Internet Packages! Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages

In 2008, a mobile network company was launched named Zong 4G in Pakistan. It was the first setup of China Mobile, which they introduced with the acquisition of Millicom, to start a GSM network in Pakistan.

In starting, it was considered to be a small mobile network. However, recently it has become the second-largest telecommunication network and the third largest in terms of users. Hence, it has started to provide a bundle of internet bundles for its customers.

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Therefore, we have brought a complete list of all the prepaid Zong internet packages 2021 for you. Here are Zong Internet Packages including 2G, 3G, and 4G for all customers in Pakistan with cheap rates and high quality. You can get these internet packages for all your required time like monthly, weekly, daily, and other offers.

Since Zong has provided Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prepaid, and Postpaid net packages and bundles. Zong also has Zong daytime offer and Zong goodnight offer and Zong WhatsApp Package, and Zong free IMO. Details of these Net Packages are given here in this article.

The Zong 4G network has grown to more than 100 cities in Pakistan, and this number is constantly increasing due to net packages. These internet packages include different packages like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages.

The Internet is a thing by which different people connect to communicate and to do their online work. So, here you can find the best packages to keep yourself online every time and stay connected. So, now we will discuss all the details below.

You can activate any of these packages by dialing the code *6464# So here are the detail of all Zong internet packages.

 Daily Zong Internet Packages

In the daily internet package, Zong offers different types of packages. These packages offer different data limits and time duration. The users who frequently access the Internet and want to download content immediately and it is best for daily users.

These packages have different data limits and durations. These are for users who do not use the Internet very often and want to download something immediately. These packages have fewer internet data or MBs so if you want to stream online, you should not activate these packages.

 For people from all over Pakistan, the data packages are very affordable and at cheap rates. Check below the list of Zong daily internet packages.

Name                    Charges    Data       Code

Daily Basic          Rs. 17        100 Mb     *6464*1*1*1#

Daily Data Max   Rs. 38        500 Mb + 500Mb (Youtube) *6464*1*1*2#

Daytime Offer     Rs. 16      1200MB (4 am to 7 pm) Check below

Youth Offer         Rs. 16      1200MB (1 am to 9 am)

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

As a side of the Daily Internet Package, Zong also offers weekly Internet bundles for its users.

These Internet packages offering enough MB to cover a large number of downloads and uploads during the week. So, don’t wait and get these packages.

However, it does not contain any gifts. However, at such affordable prices, these Internet groups are very attractive to users. Check below the list of Zong weekly internet packages.

Name Charges Data Code

Super Weekly Rs. 165 2.5 GB *6464*1*2*1#

Super Weekly Plus Rs. 240 7 GB *6464*1*2*2#

Super Weekly Max Rs. 299 15GB + 15 GB YouTube *6464*1*2*3#

Mega Data Offer Rs. 100 (load) 100GB (1 am to 9 am) *6464*1*2*4#

Super Weekly Premium Rs. 302 30 GB Data + 100 Off-net Mins + 3000 Zong Mins + 3000 SMS *6464*1*2*5#

This will be very good for those users who are very addicted to the internet daily and can’t activate packages again and again.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong offers a large amount of monthly Internet for users who upload and download frequently. Therefore, this monthly data pack keeps users tension-free throughout the month.

This is more valid but fewer data for the whole month. So, Customers don’t need to subscribe to the Internet offers over and over again. You only have to subscribe once and feel cold all month.

These Internet packages vary in price and duration, so you can take advantage of the packages you need at your convenience. Here below the list of monthly internet packages.

Name                  Charges        Data       Code

Monthly Mini     Rs. 50         150 MB     *6464*1*4*1#

Monthly Basic    Rs. 150       500 MB      *6464*1*4*2#

Monthly Premium 5GB Rs. 500   5 GB     *6464*1*4*3#

Monthly Premium 30GB Rs. 1000   15GB + 15 GB YouTube     *6464*1*4*4#

Zong offers a large monthly online data for users who upload and download frequently. 

It is not necessary to subscribe to Internet services over and over again. Only subscribe at a time and stay calm all over the month.

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs

You can check the remaining internet data or MBs just by dialing a simple code *6464#. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions are applied at Zong bundles.
  • So For any additional information please call on helpline 310.
  •  about Zong internet packages.
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • To get rid of Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting Sender’s Number to 9000 –PTA

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